Thursday, March 19, 2020

Day 1

What is Mindfulness and How to get Started

Rick Hanson, PhD

Leading Neuroscience Researcher, Best-Selling Author, Hardwiring Happiness and Resilient

  • Hear an in-depth guided practice instruction on how to lay the right foundation for a mindfulness practice
  • Learn the practical neuroscience behind mindfulness, how it's changing your brain for the better, and how to use it to grow the qualities you want
  • Discover practical tools for bringing mindfulness into various moments of your day

Parneet Pal, MBBS, MS

Chief Science Officer, Wisdom Labs, Lifestyle Medicine and Mindfulness Teacher

  • Discover how you can build intention and motivation as a foundation for meaningful mindfulness practice, whether you're new to mindfulness or needing a fresh start
  • Hear about the three brain networks that are strengthened with consistent mindfulness, and learn the benefits of growing those networks
  • Learn how to start and maintain a daily practice through the science of behavior change and building habits, and follow along in a simple practice to come to a mindful moment, on or off the cushion

Rhonda Magee, MA, JD

Professor of Law, USF, Author, The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Healing Ourselves and Transforming Our Communities Through Mindfulness

  • Learn how deepening your own mindfulness practice can help you feel interconnected, and lead to a more inclusive, compassionate, and just society
  • Explore the ideas of interbeing and racialization, and learn how you can act with more intention and courage to create positive change around you
  • Experience a guided practice to notice suffering in and around you and start making the choice to be a part of healing

Peter Weng

CEO, Healthy Minds Innovations

  • Learn about the Four Pillars of Well-Being and hear practical training tips to strengthen each in your life
  • Discover how individual well-being can contribute to a more compassionate world and how you can find and draw support from your practice community
  • Recognize that well-being is a skill that you can practice and grow, and experience a guided meditation to connect to your own well-being

Friday, March 20, 2020

Day 2

Stabilizing Attention and Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Elisha Goldstein, PhD

Co-founder, The Center for Mindful Living, Bestselling Author, Uncovering Happiness and The Now Effect

  • Understand how you get stuck in emotional loops and “mind traps,” and learn how you can use mindfulness to break free from unhealthy thought patterns
  • Discover what becomes possible when you're able to empower yourself and re-focus on what you're able to do in a given situation instead of what you can’t do, and learn how to come back to this focus
  • Learn practical ways you can bring more feelings of happiness, joy, and abundance to yourself and the people around you

Zeenat Potia, MA

Mindfulness Teacher, Instructor, Harvard Pilgrim’s Mind the Moment Program

  • Explore how communication can be a mindfulness practice by bringing the skills of generous listening, presence, and curiosity to your interactions with others
  • Learn how to approach difficult conversations from a place of kindness and strength
  • Discover what it means to communicate mindfully from a place of response rather than reaction in everyday interactions

Mark Bertin, MD

Developmental Pediatrician, Author, How Children Thrive and Mindful Parenting for ADHD

  • Recognize when you’re going into “auto-pilot” and understand how to use attention and mindfulness practice to bring your awareness into each moment
  • Learn how to get out of the scattered mindset, and use mindfulness as a tool for purposeful action and shaping healthy habits
  • Follow along in 2 short and simple practices you can use to bring mindfulness into your everyday life, even amidst a busy schedule

Diana Winston

Director of Mindfulness Education, UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center, Author, The Little Book of Being

  • Explore why the practice of forgiveness is an important complement to a mindfulness and self-compassion practice
  • Learn the 3 types of forgiveness and phrases you can use to relate to each type that help you forgive and have compassion for yourself and others
  • Hear how you can “enlist your wisdom mind” to take a larger view of your habitual stories, and experience a simple practice to open to forgiveness

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Day 3

Working with Emotion and Connecting with Others

Tara Brach, PhD

Psychologist, Meditation Teacher, Best-selling Author, Radical Acceptance and Radical Compassion

  • Learn what the RAIN practice is, how to get started, and how to work with the most common challenges that may arise
  • Discover how to recognize when you might be in the “trance of unworthiness,” and hear what you can do to regain a sense of love and kindness for yourself
  • Experience the RAIN practice to grow in compassion for yourself and others

Kristin Neff, PhD

Pioneering Self-Compassion Researcher, Author, Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself

  • Learn the 3 elements of self-compassion and how each can help you become more resilient, productive, and motivated in your life
  • Uncover common myths about self-compassion, and hear advice for dealing with the roadblocks to being kind and supportive to yourself
  • Experience a guided practice for cultivating mindfulness, kindness, and a sense of common humanity so you can be more compassionate to yourself and those around you

Dan Siegel, MD

Director, Mindsight Institute, Best-selling Author, The Power of Showing Up, Mindsight, and The Developing Mind

  • Learn the “Power of Showing Up” and how developing your own mindfulness and presence can help your child feel safe, seen, soothed, and secure
  • Bust the myth of “perfect parenting” and hear how you can use the three pillars of mindfulness to foster lifelong healthy attachment and emotional development in your child
  • Discover how your ability to show up can be applied to the other relationships in your life, including how to better relate to your romantic partner and loved ones

Oscar Medina

Meditation Educator, Purpose Guide, Somatic Counselor

Rosa Gonzalez

Founder, Facilitating Power, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, International Association for Human Values

Oscar Medina

Meditation Educator, Purpose Guide, Somatic Counselor

Rosa Gonzalez

Founder, Facilitating Power, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, International Association for Human Values

  • Explore the personal and social value of engaging actively in community, and recognize the ways in which you are already connected
  • Discover how to get involved in communities that support your goals and values, and how mindful practice with others can support your personal practice
  • Follow along in a practice to strengthen your connection to others and expand your awareness to include those around you

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Day 4

Becoming Embodied and Engaging with the World

Wendy Palmer

Founder, Leadership Embodiment, Sixth-degree Black Belt in Aikido, Author, Leadership Embodiment

  • Discover how being centered in your body can open you up to choice, connection, and strength and help you develop the qualities you need to be an effective leader
  • Learn tools and practices to help you to become more resilient and respond to stress and pressure with greater presence and confidence
  • Hear how mindfulness and principles from the Aikido martial arts can increase your compassion, wisdom, and power to meet challenges that arise in your daily life

Jenée Johnson

Program Innovation Leader: Mindfulness, Trauma, and Racial Equity, San Francisco Department of Public Health

  • Explore how to approach mindfulness through a trauma-informed lens, and understand the importance of your personal practice in order to heal
  • Hear how mindfulness and compassion practices can support your service-oriented activity
  • Learn what you can do to grow your ability to be open, honest, and resilient during difficult conversations about racial healing

Kelly McGonigal, PhD

Health Psychologist at Stanford University, Author, The Upside of Stress and The Joy of Movement

  • Discover how mindfulness and movement can change your physiology to encourage compassion, connection, and courage
  • Learn how movement functions as a metaphor for life experiences, and brings our mindfulness into action
  • Learn about the practices that help you to cultivate qualities of joy and strength for showing up in each day

Jeremy Hunter, PhD

Founding Director, Executive Mind Leadership Institute

  • Discover why mindfulness is more than managing stress, and how to create better choices, take effective action, and have transforming results in your every day life
  • Dive deeper into the ideas of success and purpose and tap into what it actually means to live, relate, and flourish
  • Hear practical tips for focusing on what is truly meaningful to you right now, and experience a guided meditation to wake up to the present moment through sound

Mark Coleman

Mindfulness Teacher, Wilderness Guide, Author, From Suffering to Peace

  • Discover the benefits of practicing mindfulness in nature and how it can help you reconnect to a feeling of being part of the whole
  • Hear practical insights for making peace with your mind and freeing yourself from your inner critic, so you can touch into our common humanity and grow compassion for yourself and others
  • Follow along in a guided practice that you can do inside or outside to feel into your care for the environment